when life sucks… You can always see it from the bright side

Today, I watched as a bin man picked up and threw into his truck the bag I foolishly left a few metres from a public bin before I got on the train. That bag contained every document that proves my identity for my new job, my driver’s licence, birth certificate, passport, oh and my wallet. FML

You still have a pen though. Right?

Today, it’s my birthday, none of my friends wished me a thing. I spent the whole day crying and then decided to call few of them and sobbingly demanded an explanation. Most of them didn’t pick up, the rest called me a drama queen, saying that my birthday isn’t as important as I think. FML

You can still make a surprise-party for yourself…

Today, I used one of my ex-coworkers as a reference. She gave a really bad review about me, causing me to miss out on the job opportunity of a lifetime, all because she’s still upset I wore the same dress as her at the company holiday gala 2 years ago. FML

Good thing she didn´t mentioned anything about that you had the same dress though…

Today, I accidentally said the wrong name during sex. An ex? A friend? A side guy? Nope, none of those. I called him “Dad”. FML

Thats no problem. It would have been worse if that had been correct.

Today, my boyfriend noticed dark lines that look like scars on my inner thighs. He confronted me about them, thinking I was cutting myself, and now wants me to see a therapist because he thinks I’m suicidal. They’re stretch marks. He won’t believe me. FML

Wait until he sees you have ha bleeding hole between your legs.

Today, my husband had to admit that he lost $5000 on a cryptocurrency scam that some asshole Twitch streamer convinced him to invest in via Twitter. FML

Still,it is just $5000.

Today, my parents had a fight, which is a pretty normal occurrence at our house. But today, they fought over an orange. Dad is now sitting in his bedroom with the aforementioned orange. FML

As long as you don´t need to know what he is doing with the orange in the bedroom, you can´t complain.

Today, my sister called me at work and told me our elderly mom had passed away. I dropped everything and rushed home, to find out she was fine, and that my sister was just pranking me. When I explained this to my boss, he accused me of lying to get out of work, and I was fired. FML

Great. Now you wan´t be hearing anything more from that stupid boss again.

Today, I decided to ride my bike for the first time in over a year. It was seemingly going well, until I got to the first hill. As I began to ascend, I was trying a bit to hard and shit my pants, 8 kilometers away from my house. FML

Great. That will be a soft ride home.

Today, I learned that the starting date for my class was a typo. Instead of 6/22, it was 6/2. FML

Great. Some extra holidays.