when life sucks… You can always see it from the bright side

Today, after spending Christmas alone because my bus home got cancelled due to Covid, I found that I have to spend the New Year alone and potentially homeless because my flight home got cancelled. FML

Just stay were you are. You can stay at a hotel living the good life.

Today, I missed my bus to school, so I took my bike. The bus that I missed ignored a stop sign on its way back, making me crash into it. FML

Good thing you wasn´t at that bus. Seems to have a bad driver…

Today, I received my new e-bike. I could barely afford it but I desperately needed a method of transportation. On my second ride, I splashed through a fresh sidewalk. There was sidewalk in the chain, in the brakes, everywhere. There goes my brand new bike. FML

Ok, but your first ride was good, right?

Today, I was driving home from an event on the coast. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going, and before I realised what’d happened, I ended up 20 km out of a town that I don’t even live in. FML

Ok. Exciting. Who knows what will turn up after next turn…

Today, I stopped to gas up. The pump wasn’t taking my BP rewards card, and it said to go see the cashier. I went in to ask what’s up, where the cashier politely pointed out that I was in a Shell gas station, not a BP. FML

Better mix up the cards than mixing up the diesel and gasoline…

Today, I decided to take my car to work as I had some errands to do after. I only live a few blocks away. After driving round to find a car park for ages, the closest car park available was outside my house. I ended up walking to work instead. FML

Good thing noone had taken that spot while you were drivning around.

Today, I had a flight to Philadelphia, but it got canceled due to bad weather. I booked another, which got delayed. After waiting for almost 12 hours at the airport, I boarded, just to have a super annoying toddler kicking my seat from behind. FML

Stop complaining or you will need to wait another 12 hours.

Today, my wife screamed to stop the car in an intersection, so I slammed on the brakes. From the left, an SUV rammed full force into us. My wife is unharmed, but I now have a broken left arm and our car is totaled. On the bright side, she caught the Pokémon in the road. FML

Might have been a very rare one.

Today, I took the bus home after visiting a friend. Standing in front of my house, I realized that I had forgotten my keys. They were still in my car, which I had parked at my friend’s place and forgotten. FML

If your car was stolen. Then it would have sucked, due to others evilness. Now it sucks due to your own stupidness. Which sucks. But still not that bad.

Today, a storm dropped a tree across my road. I would have moved it with my tractor, but there was a tree on that too. FML

Just bring out the saw and get to work.