when life sucks… You can always see it from the bright side

Today, I accidentally called my kickboxing trainer “Dad.” I’m 27. FML

At least you didn´t scream; Yea daddy! Harder harder! (Well, or maybee you did.)

Today, I was refereeing at a kids’ soccer tournament and a deer ran across one of the fields. Some of the parents then claimed that a deer on the field meant a free kick. FML

Great. Go ahead and kick them in their groin.

Today, as a male in his 40s, I went to “mixed” aerobics. I arrived late to find the entire female class had started intensely warming up. Within 5 minutes I pulled a calf muscle and left limping pathetically past a martial arts class. FML

You are the brave guy, following your desire. (Or were you just out for the asses?) Well a bit goosy though. Sorry.

Today, I told my dad I started taking jiu-jitsu lessons. He responded by laughing and saying, “Martial arts are for pussies, you should just get a gun.” FML

Well, just kick him in the groin.

Today, I was playing basketball, and while trying to jump and shoot, I farted on the face of the person behind me. FML

That´s not against the rules and could give you an advantage so just keep playing. Winning is everything. Reputation is nothing.

Don´t worry, that´s not cheating

Today, I attempted to break the record for the heaviest squat in my local gym. A small crowd witnessed me breaking the record as well as releasing a huge fart. FML

That´s just if she dosn´t have a sense of humor

Today, I learned that before you tell a blonde joke, you should make sure that your high school’s 6’8″, 275-pound, blond quarterback isn’t standing behind you. FML

Good thing he didn´t see you falling

Today, while skiing down a steep mountain, a man ran over my skis, causing me to fall and roll down the slope. When I regained my balance, I saw the man had followed me just to say “How graceful” and continue on. FML