when life sucks… You can always see it from the bright side

Today, I was flattered to receive a hand-addressed letter for the first time in years. I tore it open to discover it was actually addressed to my dog. It was a vaccination reminder from his vet. FML

Just start to get vaccinations yourself at that vet and next time the letter will be for you.

Today, after moving in with a friend I’ve known for 9 years, I found out he’s going to jail soon, and refuses to work or get a new job, making me unable to pay rent as he eats all my food. FML

After he goes to jail, at least he want eat your food.

Today, I was invited into a group chat on Skype. Everyone ignored everything I said, so I got pissed and started yelling at them. Then I realised my microphone wasn’t plugged in right. FML

No worries. They probably didn´t heard your yelling.

Today, it’s my birthday, none of my friends wished me a thing. I spent the whole day crying and then decided to call few of them and sobbingly demanded an explanation. Most of them didn’t pick up, the rest called me a drama queen, saying that my birthday isn’t as important as I think. FML

You can still make a surprise-party for yourself…

Today, I found out my parents paid my “best friend” to be my friend for the past 7 years. She’s my only friend too. FML

Yea, they couldn´t probably afford another one…
Just don´t think about it when you hang out the next time.

Today, I sent a dude a snapchat of my food. He responded with a video of him taking a shower, nude. FML

Just send a nude video back and then. Ha ha you got him.

Today, I had to go to the ER because of a terrible allergic reaction I had to the cookies my “friend” made for me. She assured me several times that there were no nuts in them. Turns out, she put nuts in them on purpose, to see whether or not I was really allergic. FML

Good thing you had a reaction so she didn´t proved you wrong.

Today, the only “Happy birthday!” I got was from the cake I bought for myself. FML

Don´t worry. You might get a suprise-party from yourself to before the day is over.

Today, my best friend told me she didn’t want to be my friend anymore, because she wanted to start afresh in college and have pretty friends. FML

You can probably find some new pretty friends in college.

Today, I felt so lonely that when I was watching a ghost show, I wished my house was haunted so at least some sort of presence was with me, even if it was in another dimension. FML

You always have Molgan.