when life sucks… You can always see it from the bright side

  1. By MysticSoup - Today I asked my doctor out on a date - he had his nurse turn me down. FML
  2. By Pri - Today I was on Pornhub and was watching a video when I realized that the face on the chick in the video was eerily familiar. My sister told me she worked as a sex worker two weeks ago. The girl in the video was my sister. FML
  3. By kanmcdan - Today my boyfriend and I went on a snowshoeing date. I felt sick and suggested we turn back. He said I could wait in the car and continued on the date alone. He was gone for hours while I was stuck alone in a national park with no cell reception, food, or water. FML
  4. By jayscalaro - Today, it is raining pretty bad and there are a bunch of puddles everywhere, well I’m in a full rain suit and great boots so instead of walking around the puddles I decided to walk threw the biggest one to only drop down 4 feet because the city didn’t cover up a massive man hole FML
  5. By Leijabug - Today my best friend and I decided to dye our hair blue. We didn’t meant to also dye the ceiling, walls, shower, or floor. We DEFINITELY didn’t mean to dye our faces the day before school pictures that cannot be rescheduled. FML
  6. By ugh. - Today, after waiting two months to attend a very important course; I finally got to go. This is the same day I caught a horrible cold, got aunty flow’s monthly visit, my IBS flared up, and my acid reflex as well. So here I go...crampy, constipated, congested, and gassy. FML
  7. By Stinky Peet - Today, after years of social isolation and chronic nose blindness, I was told by one of my enemies that I smell bad. My family confirmed this, saying they were too polite to tell me. It turns out I have a potentially life-threatening disease that should have been diagnosed when I was a teenager. FML
  8. By RyoKioKio - Today, after seeing my cat struggle to use the litterbox and produce nothing for two days, I caved and took him to the emergency vet, fearing a UTI. It wasn't. $200 and 2 Lyft rides later, he's stoned out of his mind and peeing just fine. FML
  9. By "LovelySB" - Today, while trying to get over all the emotional things I've been going through, I forgot that my bedroom door was open and here my silly behind was dancing in my underwear while my roommate watched on. FML
  10. By "DingusGinger" - Today, I found out my boss likes to shit talk about me when I'm not around. Best part is I dont know what I've done to piss him off. FML
  11. By Dr cringe PHD - Today. While working @ a home improvement store, I noticed a middle aged woman shopping. Thinking it was a "pinterest project" she was working on I asked "what pinterest project are you working on?" She looked @ me and said "I'm actually building a support to teach my paralised daughter to walk" FML
  12. By "DingusGinger" - Today, my parents told me they went out and gambled away just about all their money, but $50 to run on for the rest of the week. We have 3 bills going out this week, its my moral duty to help them no matter what. FML
  13. By phlox - Today, I realized I contemplate getting my affairs in order and suicide more than I do anything else. I'm married to my husband for 10+ years, have two kids, a great career, and a fully paid-for house. Whenever I try talking, I'm told I have nothing to be stressed about. FML
  14. By Justanotherwreck - Today we had an office party. I got extremely drunk and invited my younger coworker in the bathroom to make out repeatedly. Not only did he reject me multiple times but he also looked super traumatised and hasn’t said a word to me since. FML
  15. By - Today, i had to console my boyfriend on how the girl he cheated on me with us breaking up with him. FML.

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