when life sucks… You can always see it from the bright side

  1. By FML Videos - If you're not a morning person, you know how it is.
  2. By Jess - Today, I asked a couple who had been double charged whether they wanted a refund or an exchange. They began yelling about how I needed to give them their money back and that it was my fault. They then demanded that I be fired for being rude when I clarified what "refund or exchange" meant. FML
  3. By Gloria Borger - Would you ever wear a dedicated nose warmer?
  4. By Morganisoverrated - Today, I was planning to ask a guy at school out since I had mustered up the confidence to finally tell him how I really felt. I ended up puking on him. FML
  5. By Starving artist - Today, I found out why my art teacher was so reluctant to return my artwork that he'd borrowed to display. He dropped a white splotch of paint in the centre of my black scratch art, which is irreversible, and tried to cover it up without telling me. I spent 2 months on that thing. FML
  6. By Anonymous - Today, my manager told my shift that if we didn't have the quota filled for cinnamon rolls by tonight, we were all out of a job. One of the machines we use to wrap cinnamon rolls just started acting up. We also aren't allowed to take over time. FML
  7. By you win again Dr.Google.... you win - Today, one of my younger nephews had an epileptic seizure. My mom started to administer wrong treatments she learned from Google. Being a doctor, I told her she'll make it worse. She then told me to shut up because I'm inexperienced, saying that Google has been there longer than I've been a doctor. FML
  8. By AlyCo55 - Today, I found out two of my rats are pregnant. The breeder told us that all of them were male, only one ended up being male. I now have 20+ rat babies on the way and no idea how to take care of them. FML
  9. By Anonymous - Today, my husband misheard me when I said I wanted a massage with sensual oils. He used essential oils instead. Essential oils are not meant to be used on the skin, trust me. My skin looks like a cross between sandpaper and pus-filled bubble wrap. FML
  10. By Tweety Bird - Here are our favorite tweets from this week!
  11. By FML Videos - That's amore...
  12. By Anonymous - Today, I told my girlfriend I wanted to tell her something important. Coincidentally, she did too. She wanted to tell me that she thinks she's actually gay. I wanted to tell her I love her. FML
  13. By sadmoscatogal - Today, the car I've been saving up for three years, which I bought three weeks ago, was hit by my neighbor who was texting. While it was parked. In my driveway. FML
  14. By News to Me - Today, I went to switch my phone number to a new carrier. During the credit check, I was told that I couldn't because I already had an active account. This came as a surprise, as I've never had an account with that carrier. Time to file a fraud claim. FML
  15. By Dino - Today, I drove a total of 4 hours for my boss to demote me, downgrade my pay, and make the kid I hired my new boss. Why? Because I asked about the $500 missing from my paycheck. FML

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