when life sucks… You can always see it from the bright side

  1. By This_girll - Today, my boyfriend of a year went to a wedding. He didn't invite me, and brought his ex instead. I saw it all on Instagram. FML
  2. By Nadine - Though catchy, everyone knows that that song should never be mentioned, otherwise you're risking having it stuck in your head for the next 72 hours. FML. Sorry guys.
  3. By ViviMage - Today, while working in a blood drawing clinic, a mom sat in the chair holding her 4-year-old child, who kicked me square in the groin. Being a heavyset lady, I shrugged it off and collected the sample, while the child screamed, "Kicking worked on the last man that did this!" FML
  4. By Anonymous - Today, I refilled a water glass I'd left out on the counter and took a long drink. At the end, I felt something spongy and panicked. When I spit it all out into the sink, a huge centipede was staring back at me. FML
  5. By Nadine - Here's another selection of the worst FMLs we've received over the years. Read them and weep.
  6. By cincity - Today, my fiancé forgot his wallet. He realized this once we were 5 hours away from home, before checking into a hotel, that had reservations under his name. FML
  7. By ouchhhh - Today, my boyfriend and I decided to try something new in bed. He blindfolded me and I felt something cold on my lady parts. 5 seconds later it started burning so I looked. He decided to use toothpaste because he couldn't find chocolate sauce to lick off. It hurts to pee. FML
  8. By muscalata - Today, my girlfriend sent a text asking if I think she’s pretty. I replied "Yes, of course!" She then got mad and blocked me. Turns out she'd said "petty". FML
  9. By Nadine - First baby Trump, and now this? FML for the rest of the world. Why can't we all live in such funny cities?
  10. By Ashamed_Sister - Today, I returned from a job abroad and saw my twin brother for the first time in six months. He greeted me with words of true brotherly love: "You've fattened up a bit." FML
  11. By cperagui - Today, we did icebreakers at a summer program. I'm really awkward but I got paired with a really nice guy. I noticed his right hand was very soft, so I joked, "Do you only moisturize one hand?" Then I understood. Then he understood that I understood. We're partners all week. FML
  12. By nadine - So much FML, where do we even begin? The plight of the African American people? The fact that this lady was buying adult diapers, or the fact that that is now open information? FML, FML, FML.
  13. By Not really - Today, I picked up a birthday card for my dad at the supermarket in a mad rush. I didn’t realise that the inside said “From your daughter”. He thinks this was my way of coming out as trans, and said that he suspected it for years. FML
  14. By Forever alone - Today, I met a man on Tinder who said he was a chef at his own restaurant. He invited me to come eat at his restaurant and told me he would reserve me the best seat in the place. I got there to see he was not a chef, but my waiter. I paid him for the dinner. I ate by myself. FML
  15. By Nadine - The sexual education system in this country is a major FML. But sometimes, the actual class itself can be pretty hilarious.

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