when life sucks… You can always see it from the bright side

  1. By TheLastGreatDope - Today, I received a random message on a dating app. It was the girl I'd always wanted to marry, but who disappeared from my life when we were younger. She went on and on about how much she missed me... and how much she wanted me to meet her husband and 3 kids. FML
  2. By badhairday - Today, I went to the salon to get my extremely curly hair cut for the first time in years. Apparently, "just trim the dead ends" and "give me an afro" mean the same thing to a barber. FML
  3. By Nadine - What’s that smell, wafting over here? Oh, it’s just that woman drying her panties. FML for all the passengers on this flight.
  4. By Dominique Richards - Today, I went to the dentist to get a tooth pulled. When I woke up I found out they pulled the wrong one. FML
  5. By Nadine - Is a lifetime supply of pizza really an FML?
  6. By rubberduck_of_doom - Today, on an 11-hour flight, I had to throw up. I managed to calmly walk to the bathroom and be violently sick in the toilet. After cleaning up, I was proud nobody had noticed and left the stall. A hot flight attendant was already waiting for me with a glass of water. FML
  7. By Dxxk Biter - Today, the first guy I tried to have sex with at university got his foreskin stuck in his zip and had to go to hospital for stitches. He told all his friends I did it on purpose with my teeth during a blowjob. I now have a reputation, so I guess I'm staying single for the next 3 years. FML
  8. By sis - Today, I went shopping with my sister’s husband to help him choose a birthday gift for her. My sister’s insane friend saw us, followed us, and caused a huge screaming scene in the middle of the mall accusing us of having an affair. FML
  9. By Nadine - This man seems to have slept through quite the road trip, FML for missing some good views and also probably having been abducted.
  10. By Skye - Today, a neighbor asked if I could take her to work and pick her up when she got off. She said she'd pay me, so I agreed and dropped her off. When I went to pick her up after work, I spent two hours waiting for nothing. She already got a ride back home. FML
  11. By Nadine - 8 long hours of FML for all the passengers aboard this plane.
  12. By Thanksiguess - Today, I told my dad that I'm pregnant. He shook his head and said, sadly, "What a waste. You're way too young to throw your life away like this." Silly me; I was worried that at 46 I might be too old for this. FML
  13. By Nessa - Today, I got robbed. They took my stereo and laptop, but they left my car and a note that reads "Wtf is this?" FML
  14. By Nadine - For winos, it’s the best day of the year! For some, it's just your average Tuesday. One can imagine all the FMLs that could possibly happen when wine is involved, as it is the most famously stained alcoholic beverage. Everyone has a story… here are 15 of the funniest.
  15. By dumpedtaco - Today, as I was planning my impending nuptials with my fiancé, my sister jokingly told him it's not too late to call it off. He took her seriously and bailed. He won’t answer my calls. FML

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