when life sucks… You can always see it from the bright side

  1. [spicy] | By Sad_Happy_Gorl - Today, I found out my boyfriend has to picture someone else when we have sex. The most recent: my roommate. FML
  2. By Anonymous - Today I went on a date. I went to the bathroom for five minutes and returned to find my date had not only left, but poured ketchup all over our food to ruin it. FML
  3. By Lewis - Never say never!
  4. By "LondonTor" - Today, I was moving my sofa to make space for a Christmas tree and the sofa slipped on the wooden floor, thus flipping my right big toenail up 90° so it is now only connected at the cuticle. FML
  5. By Lewis - But moooooooom! I wanted to play Fortnite!
  6. By Takegami - Today. I had my first final exam. That would be fine if I hadn’t gotten sick 4 days ago. No one can go get my antibiotics, I feel like I’m dying and I can’t miss these exams under any circumstance. FML
  7. By "linzi1771" - Today, in front of my friends, my mom came after me with a pair of tweezers exclaiming "there's just a couple of hairs on your chin that need to be plucked." I'm a 14 year old girl. FML
  8. By drew the short straw - Today, I had to follow a pony that had flatulent, severe diarrhoea for an hour in order to collect enough liquid for a sample. FML
  9. By WellThen - Today, my son was looking through old photos and showed me a picture of myself and asked who it was. When I told him it was me, he responded by saying "But mommy, the lady in the picture is not fat!" FML
  10. By Karaline45 - Today... I bought a new car. Twenty-five minutes into driving it home, I hit a deer. FML
  11. By Rella - Today, my boyfriend and I were in the 69 position with me on top and as we changed positions, and I turned to face him, I saw toilet paper on his face that he didn't seem to notice and that I casually had to wipe off his face. FML
  12. By Warriorwizzle - Today I had to move down to the 3rd floor because after complaining about rats on my rooftop the landlord put down traps. Rats died. Flies came. The flies laid eggs. The eggs birthed maggots. The maggots rained down from my broken ceiling into my bed and all over my floor. I am not okay. FML
  13. By Lewis - Apparently he misses it very much...
  14. By "Kaluhaluha" - Today, after having my car back for a few months after a $2,000 repair, I got in, only for it to not start. Don't worry. It's not the battery. It's the engine, which was fine yesterday. FML
  15. By FML - The weather forecast was a little different than expected …

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