when life sucks… You can always see it from the bright side

  1. By Randomm - Today, I was walking into my school and I saw two girls kissing. Being a lesbian myself, and thinking it would be cute, I winked at them. I guess one of them had a history of cheating with a girl who looked just like me, because her girlfriend came up and punched me in the face. FML
  2. [spicy] | By "Egyptian ToyBoy" - Today, my girlfriend stopped in the middle of sex to sit on my face... I thought it was sexy until she peed all over me. FML
  3. By hottytodday - Today, I was having sex with my girlfriend on our couch. Meanwhile, my parents came to visit us without telling me. FML
  4. By DreDre - Today, I found out that the dude I love has been taking the money I used to support him and buying heroin with it. FML
  5. By Anonymous - Today, an old friend showed me pictures proving that my high school sweetheart, who is now my wife, was the school slut who would give anyone a blowjob in the toilets for a fiver. So basically every time I kissed her in high school, I was tonguing another guys cum. I feel physically sick right now. FML
  6. By thefaekitten - Today, My boyfriend and I caught my dad masturbating on my bed. FML
  7. [spicy] | By - Today, I found out that whilst I was asleep last night, my boyfriend was playing on his XBox. I also found out that whenever he unlocked a new level, achievement or just generally beat someone's ass, he would celebrate by pulling out one of his pubes and putting it in my mouth. FML
  8. By lilviss - Today, I found maggots in the ketchup on my sausage. Too bad I had already eaten half of it. FML
  9. By anyagrande - Today, I was brushing my teeth. My mum walked in and exclaimed "oh that is the toothbrush I used to clean the toilet!". Thanks for putting it back in the toothbrush holder, mum. FML
  10. By jswag2004 - Today, I finally got the guts to ask out my crush. She said yes and I was really happy. Then I woke up. FML
  11. By okthen - Today, I finally made a move on the guy I've been crushing on for getting so drunk that I puked in his lap. FML
  12. By KonKos - Today, I decided to pay for sex. Turned out the woman I paid was a man, but that is not the worst part. His penis was bigger than mine. FML
  13. By Perry85 - Today, I was having sex with my girlfriend when she says "Don't cum in me, my husband has plans for later." FML
  14. By "Miguel Seminario" - Today, I was wearing an old t-shirt, my mom saw me and told me to throw it away, I replied: "one last use and I throw it" and she replied: "that's what your ex-girlfriend said before she dump you".FML
  15. By Anonymous - Today, while watching tv in my dorm, i clearly hear my roommate yell to someone proudly, I've only taken a shower 4 or 5 times since I've been here. He's been my roommate for four months... FML

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