when life sucks… You can always see it from the bright side

That´s not stupid. That´s a smart way to get some extra money

Today, my college charged me for tuition for next semester. I graduated 2 years ago. I have a degree from a place too stupid to only charge current students. FML

Take it easy. Bahamas isn´t going anywhere

Today, I went to class to take an important final for which I studied all week long and worked hard in class. Today, the teacher also told us that anyone who had an A did not have to take the final. I missed out on a trip to the Bahamas for this. FML

Now you can learn a new Mandarin word

Today, I was at my Mandarin teacher’s house. I had diarrhoea and had to go to the toilet. My mum texted me while I was still in the toilet saying, “We all heard you”. FML

At least you get rid of the annoying kids

Today, while studying for a big test at the library, some idiots started playing hide-and-seek. After putting up with their snorting and giggling for nearly an hour, I finally lost my shit and told them to knock it off. I then got kicked out for causing a disturbance. FML

Hoodies have a bad influence at the kids

Today, the principal of the school I teach at told me she’s not interested in re-hiring me because sometimes I wear a hoodie. FML

Who need books anyway

Today, I got banned from my school library after I ran after a guy who stole my bag. FML

You are not cooperating enough

Today, my parents grounded me because I refused to do my little sister’s homework for her. FML

Well you can´t get fired from school, can you?

Today, I asked my spouse to help me apply some hemorrhoid relief cream, since I couldn’t see what was going on down there clearly. Next time, I hope I’ll remember if I’m still in a conference call with my online classmates, to shut it down first so they don’t have to witness the whole thing again. FML

There is still a lot of people at that university that didn´t sent you a letter yet

Today, I got 3 different rejection letters mailed to me from the same college. FML