when life sucks… You can always see it from the bright side

Today, my wife and I drove to the other side of the country to attend a swinger party where we thought no one knew us. So did my parents. FML

Next time you don´t need to drive so long to find another swinger-couple. Just go to your parents house.

Today, my mother excitedly jumped up and down, announcing that one of her sweet younger coworkers got engaged. I wished she’d had the same reaction to my engagement when I announced it to her a few days earlier. FML

Maybee she had thought the coworker was gay

And now your line is “- So did they back in the days to, obviously”.

Today, I was talking to my mum about how I’d quite like to have kids someday. She responded: “Well, nowadays they let singles adopt as well, don’t they?” FML

You wan´t gain weight today

Today, I gave my dad $40 and asked him if he can get me lunch on his way back home. Long story short he came back empty handed telling me it was my fault for trusting him with McNuggets. FML

Good idea to fight small people

Today, my mom was watching me during my Taekwondo lessons. She was yelling at me to focus on my own work and to quit hanging out with the little kids. I’m the instructor. FML

It could have been your groin

Today, my aunt asked to see my new airsoft pistol. Not thinking anything of it, I handed it to her. She shot me in the leg. I was standing next to her. FML

A typical crazy scientist

Today, my idiot kid brother set my shirt on fire with a magnifying glass while I was taking a nap outside. FML

Good thing is you don´t need to worry about your information will get in wrong hands

Today, I left my phone outside on the grass while I went inside to get a drink. I didn’t expect my dad to run over it with the lawn mower. FML

If you agree there is an opening to get out of the relationship

Today, my boyfriend admitted that he thinks I’m cheating on him, with my brother. FML

It´s not the exam that is important, it´s the knowledge you get

Today, my mother found out about the psychology exam I have to take tomorrow. Before leaving for her vacation this morning, she grabbed the internet router and took it with her to “get rid of distractions”. I have one day to figure out how to access this online exam without Internet. FML