when life sucks… You can always see it from the bright side

Today, my sister couldn’t find the spare key I gave her for my apartment, so I had to pay a $50 fee to the leasing office. Not 30 minutes after paying, she found the key. In her purse. On her keychain. FML

Great. Now you know where it is til next time.

Today, it’s my 18th birthday. As I moved out of home to study, and currently spend 95% of my wage on rent, I asked my mother for any amount of money as my gift. I desperately need new shoes and underwear, and haven’t eaten for two days. Instead, I got a pair of earrings. FML

At least you will look good when you starve to death. (Don´t bother about the smell from the underwear. You want smell that good anyway.)

Today, my mother started fostering a child to make some money. I wouldn’t have a problem with this if she didn’t make me babysit the kid and take him to and from school every day because she’s “too busy”. I work full-time and she’s unemployed. FML

If you are going out you could as well take the kid to school.

Today, I told my dad I started taking jiu-jitsu lessons. He responded by laughing and saying, “Martial arts are for pussies, you should just get a gun.” FML

Well, just kick him in the groin.

Today, I got into a minor car accident. No one got hurt, but the person that hit me was my father. Everyone thought he died 8 years ago. FML

Good thing he didn´t died in that accident. That would have been confusing to figure out if he died in the accident or if he actually already was dead, driving around in this car.

Today, while picking up my 14-year-old sister, a friend of hers ask if I was her mother. I’m only 17. FML

Don´t worry. They probably thought your sister looked like 2 years old and you became a mother at 15.

Today, my wife is threatening divorce because I won’t hire her son, my stepson, at the company I work at. Even the lowest position at my company requires a degree in computing, and prior experience. My stepson dropped out of high school to “discover himself” 12 years ago. FML

Well, a wife with that kind of demands is not much to have so you might just aply for the divorce first.

Today, while suffering from a serious migraine. I have to cook dinner and listen to the singing of two very tone deaf individuals. I’m starting to contemplate sticking forks in my ears. FML

Just go to bed and see what happens.

Today, I locked myself out of my apartment. I’ve just realized that I could have spent $30 on an Uber or Lyft to my parents’ place to grab the other set of keys instead of calling a locksmith and paying $280 for him to drill a hole through my doorknob, rendering all my keys useless. FML

Or invite your parents to lunch at a nearby place for $18, and by the way ask them to bring that extra key.

Today, my mom received a condolence card from my high school’s alumni association for my recent passing. I’m still alive! FML

Stop complaining. What about your mum? Or if the card where true!