when life sucks… You can always see it from the bright side

Today, multiple people pushed me out of the way to get a seat on the metro. I’m five months pregnant. FML

Five months is just past half of the pregnancy. And I bet some of them was bigger than you…

Today, I learned that there’s a billboard-sized photo of me and my ex hanging in the airport advertising my college. Travelers from all over the world have now seen me smiling at graduation with the guy who cheated on me after 3 years together. FML

Oh Memories.

Today, I came up with the idea of pranking my girlfriend by telling her that I knew she was cheating on me. She then apologized. FML

Oh, just tell her it was a prank and she will say that she had understood it and that her confession was a prank to… and it will all be forgotten… not… but oh well…

Today, I was having sex with my boyfriend who is a VERY loud moaner. He kept saying my name over and over again then all of a sudden his mom comes in and says “yes hun…oh God sorry”…that’s how I found out I have the same name as my boyfriend’s mom. FML

That´s an embarrassing story, but there is at least two other people in this story that should be more embarrased then you…

Today my very new BF took me to meet his friends for the first time. I unexpectently got my period on their brand new white leather chair. FML.

Don´t worry, just blame someone else…

Today, my prom date and his family came over to take pictures. His dad happens to be my mom’s gynecologist. FML

I don´t know for whom this situation is the most embarrasing, but it´s not for you.

Today, my friend with benefits got my new car stuck in a mud hole. I had to call my ex to get us unstuck. FML

No problems. It could have happened before you broke up.

Today, as it’s my birthday, I was hoping for a nice present from my boyfriend. What did he get me? A PornHub account. FML

Well, porn can actually spice up the sexlife so you should be happy.

Today, after months of being called paranoid, distrusting and over-possessive by my girlfriend for being suspicious of her, I learned that she really is cheating on me with her coworker. When confronted, she called me ignorant, gullible and naive for believing her. FML

Great. Now you have several reasons to break up.

Today, I celebrated my one year anniversary with my boyfriend. Since I’m bad at writing, I took a list from the internet titled “100 Things That I Love About You” and gave it to him to read while I read what he wrote for me. It was exactly the same thing, taken from the same page. FML

Cheers up. You guys were so ment for each other…