when life sucks… You can always see it from the bright side

Today, I need money to fix my car, I need my car to get to work, and I need work to get money. FML

That what loans are for.

Today, I bought my first vibrator, which I have to hide cause my mom is super uptight and thinks all forms of pleasure are immoral. Unfortunately, she found it within 5 minutes of me hiding it and grounded me for a month, but that night, I actually caught her using it. I’m still grounded, hypocritical woman. FML

No problem beeing grounded if there is a vibrator in the house.

Today, I was shopping for socks and I went to look in the men’s section. Dad said: “You don’t want those, they are for men.” I asked what the difference was? He looked around, and then leaned in and whispered: “Men have a penis!” FML

Now you know.

Today, while in class our exchange student turned to quietly ask “have you got a rubber?” Shocked but trying to be nice I reached in my purse and discreetly handed her a condom. She looked horrified and moved seats. It was later explained to me that in Europe a rubber is actually an eraser. FML

Yea, but why would she need an eraser in classroom…

Today, I found out my mom pretended to be me and had AIM conversations with my boyfriend. FML

That saves you a lot of time though…

Today, I bought my very first car that I spent years saving for. A few hours after I signed all the papers, I let my boyfriend go for a test drive. He totaled it. FML

You still havn´t told us how he is doing. (And if you are still together.)

Today, my best female friend sent me a nude to make sure it looked good before she sent it to the guy she likes. FML

One step clooser beeing a friend with benefits.

Today, my girlfriend dumped me because she dreamt I slept with her brother. But I am not gay. FML

You still have your brother that loves you.

Today, my girlfriend and I were having sex. Everything was going great until I noticed a small blinking light on my shelf. It turns out that it was a camera. My mom put it there to make sure I cleaned my room. She saw the whole thing. FML

I guess you got a rebuff of cleaning your room then…

Today, I was woken up by my brothers drunk throwing wet Cheerios on my face at 3:00 am and asking for a pillow. FML

Good thing he didn´t throw up wet Cheeritos on you.