when life sucks… You can always see it from the bright side

Today, for the third time this month, my family ridiculed me for being picky for ordering a burger without lettuce. They know I’m allergic. FML

You were allergic. Things like that can go by.

Today, I learned just how bad jellyfish stings hurt. Multiple times. On my testicles. FML

Just don´t keep the jellyfish in your underwear.

Today, I felt so lonely that when I was watching a ghost show, I wished my house was haunted so at least some sort of presence was with me, even if it was in another dimension. FML

You always have Molgan.

Today, I got home from work early to find my boyfriend spread eagle on the couch, taking pictures of his anus. Apparently, that’s what his other girlfriend is into. FML

As long as she leaves the dick to you, there is not much to complain about.

Today, while bowling on a first date, the guy I ended things with 3 days before was bowling too. In the lane next to ours. FML

Good thing you had broke up with him.

Today, it’s only been a week since I’ve been in my new apartment with my boyfriend, and I already caught him cheating. FML

It would have been worse if you didn´t found out.

Today, it’s the seventh day after my nose job. I was taking something out of a box and pulled too hard. I punched myself in the nose. FML

If you filmed it you will be famous at youtube.

Today, I almost died in the shower when I slipped and my dumbass self tried to grab the water. FML

Next time maybe. Maybe next time…

Today, I had a sexual dream about my ex, and I woke up after saying his name. My boyfriend was awake, and heard all the dirty talk and me moaning my ex-boyfriend’s name. FML

Just convince him it was a nightmare…

Today, my older brother gave me his old phone. He didn’t realize that he hadn’t deleted his pictures. I found a bunch of him wearing my underwear and bras. FML

Just make a faceswap and you can use the pictures at your social media.